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First Offshore Wind Project of India (FOWPI) is a project funded by European Union (EU) and it aims to support Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) and National Institute of India (NIWE) in strengthening the country's offshore wind energy sector and provide technical assistance in preliminary implementation of first off-shore wind farm project of India, on a sea bed area of 70 sq. km. with a tentative capacity sizing of 200MW near the Gulf of Khambat, approximately 25km off the shore of Gujarat.

FOWPI will emphasis on framing technical specifications and design documents which shall be later used by Indian key stakeholders enabling the first 200 MW wind farm to be implemented at lowest possible risk for the project developers and investors. FOWPI will bring the vast experience from offshore wind rich countries of Europe to Indian wind industry and help the country in strengthening its offshore wind energy sector. This web portal is developed with an objective to act as a useful source of information about offshore wind energy industry globally.

FOWPI project is led by COWI A/S Denmark with local key-support by WinDForce Management Services Ltd and COWI India Ltd involve in the project implementation. The project is well supported by European Union (EU), Ministry of New and Renewable Energy- India (MNRE) and National Institute of Wind Energy- India (NIWE).

Project is awarded under the Clean Energy co-operation in India and funded through the partnership instrument of the European Union.

FOWPI will undertake specific technical studies for the selected area of 70sq. km. under Zone-B (as outcome of FOWIND project), including coastal surveys, environment consents, cost-benefit analysis, transmission layouts,wind farm key components and its conceptual design, monitoring systems, safety measures, and other relevant technical studies as identified.

Broadly FOWPI will cover following services:

  • Building of Knowledge Banking & Capacity building
  • Preliminary drawing of Farm Layout and Energy Yield Estimates
  • Environmental Impact Assessment- Scoping 
  • Carrying out Geophysical and Geo-technical studies
  • Preliminary foundation design, including appurtenances
  • Preliminary Electrical Services
  • Coastal and Onshore identification
  • Financial Modelling
  • Permits and Procedures

Contract: No 2015/368469 Start 01-2016 Duration: 42 months

Design, Engineering & Technical Database

Wind Resource Assessment

Best practices to estimate the future energy production of an offshore wind farm

Foundation and Structures

Technology overview and best practices in the offshore foundations and structures 


Technology overview and best practices in the design of offshore sub-stations

Submarine Cabling

Technology overview and best practices in offshore electrical infrastructure

SCADA & Communication

Technology overview and best practices in offshore SCADA networking

Marine & Ports

Best practice overview of ports and marine operations

Vessels for Offshore Wind

Policies & Regulations

Stakeholder Profiles

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