Project Funded by
European Union

Consortium Partners

COWI A/S (Denmark) is the main contract holder and working as the project manager for FOWPI. Having partnered with WinDForce Management Service Pvt. Ltd., an Indian based wind energy consultant is working as a sub-supplier to the project. COWI A/S has also a local workplace in India, ‘COWI India’ based in NCR region (Gurgaon).


COWI is a leading multidisciplinary consultancy group which has significant experience within the offshore wind energy sector and provide complete service package from identification of project sites to planning and design, contracting assistance, construction services, assistance during operation and maintenance, and decommissioning. COWI have worked on more than 800 wind projects in 68 countries. COWI provides services to a range of clients including developers, turbine manufacturers, contractors, international financial institutions, development banks, investors and utility companies.

WinDForce Management Services (WFMS) is an independent wind energy consultant which provides expert technical and management consulting services to various stakeholders involving in wind energy projects. WFMS will provide technical and management support to COWI for the FOWPI project.

Both together are working as FOWPI Project management team and leading the project to success.

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